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Training Program at Sapthagiri School of Medical Scribe:
Level 1:
Training for this level, with a tentative duration of 4 months at SSMS campus.  Each academic month of this level requires 22 days of training and 2 days for monthly tests.  Each academic day requires 7 hours of training.Students are strictly required to complete all monthly assessment tests.  In the event of a failure in completing 616 study hours, the duration of this level shall extent accordingly.  After completing 616 class hours, the student is required to attend the First Level Certification Test i.e. FLC Test. 

Level 2:
Students who clear the FLC Test, shall be allowed to attend this level.  The training for this level, which is tentatively 2 months, happens at the Medical Scribe Company campus at Bengaluru. 

Level 3:
Only students who successfully complete Level 2 shall be allowed to attend this level.  This level also known as “Shadowing” and is tentative of 3 months duration. This level’s training are conducted at the Medical Scribe Company campus in Bengaluru. 1 requires students to have attended training on the following subjects: 

  1. a) The Language of medicine – 176 hours
  2. b) English Grammar & Americanism – 220 hours
  3. c) Medical coding – ICD + CPT/E&M – 44 hours
  4. d) Typing – 176 hours

If The Question Is In Your Mind Then Our Experts Are Here To Answer Your Hectic Query Efficiently! The first level certification test and its evaluation follow absolute marking system and shall be done by the Medical Scribe Company.  The minimum passing marks and standard required per subject in the FLC is as follows:

  1. a) The Language of medicine – 80%
  2. b) English Grammar & Americanism – 80%
  3. c) Medical Coding – ICD 10 2018 + CPT/E&M – 80%
  4. d) Typing – 50wpm with 95% accuracy

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